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FAITH + FAMILY WEBINAR Starting July 31, 2015
The Hollywood Reporter dubbed 2014 the Year of the Bible.  Projects like Noah, God is Not Dead, and The Bible TV series have consistently surprised Hollywood expectations.  Why did some break the box office and others disappoint?  Learn how to successfully navigate these waters as you finance & launch your project in 2015!

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I was honored to be asked back for a 2nd year to be a panelist at the 2015 Nashville Film-Com event – the financing, packaging and distribution market held in June 2015.

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Bloomberg BNA
I’m looking forward to being a panelist on the upcoming finance summit March 19-20, 2014. Click the link below to sign up and join me there!

For financiers, studio executives and producers, and the investment, legal, accounting, tax and consulting professionals that serve them.

Ms. Gillen and her team offer workshop and seminars to film schools, film commissions, investor groups, and film organizations. Ms. Gillen has lectured at such organizations as: American Film Market, Bloomberg BNA, Puerto Rico Film Commission, California Lawyers for the Arts, NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers), Pratt University, UCLA Film School, USC Film School and Chapman University.

The AFM Conference Series – New!

Ms. Gillen will be a guest speaker at the 2013 AFM Finance Conference which gives attendees tremendous knowledge, insight, access, value and a rare opportunity to hear from the industry’s global thought leaders, decision makers and experts who all converge annually at the AFM.

The AFM Conference Series will take place Friday Nov. 8 – Tuesday Nov. 12, from 9:15am – 12:45pm daily and will include Conferences on Finance, Pitching, Production, Marketing and Distribution. From treatment to screen, it’s all covered!

Building Your Global Film Finance Strategy

Finance Conference – Friday, November 8:

Where is the money and how quickly can you get it? All you need to know about U.S. and international financing structures and sources of film finance, including incentives, subsidies and tax shelters. Opportunities in Belgium, Germany, and Spain/Canary Islands, among others, will be explored.

Full Day Seminar – New!

Business Plan Breakthrough

This is the hands-on workshop many of you have been seeking and asking for to answer all your questions regarding financing your film. A full-day, detailed step-by-step guide to understanding all the financial sources for financing your film, and how to create all the tools necessary to close that financing: from business plans to financial projections to sizzle reels, and more.

A sampling of the most requested Seminars are listed below.

1- 4 Hour Seminars

1. The Seven Major Principals and Practices Common Among the Film Industries Most Successful Producers. Power Point Presentation.

There is a small core of powerful independent production companies that know how to achieve their ultimate creative goals, locate their target audiences, and turn a profit on every picture they produce. They all apply these Seven Major Principles and Practices.

2. Your Most Important Financing Document: The Business Plan

A concise, thorough and compelling business plan is the essential document necessary to raise the funding to make your film. You must think like an investor to attract the investor. And you must give the investor all the tools he needs to make an informed decision.

3. Your Most Powerful Financing Tool: Financial Projections. Power Point Presentation.

Money In, Money Out, and Timing: these are the critical factors any investor will need to understand. This seminar will walk you through the process of building a waterfall and projections for your single picture or slate.

4. Your Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Tools: Ripamatic / Proof of Concept / Sizzle Reel. DVD samples

Film is a visual medium and when pitching your project to investors, distributors, “A” level talent and financiers, this remarkable tool will set the tone and communicate your film’s marketability and must-see factor.

5. The Art of the Pitch

Have a fantastic screenplay, novel or treatment, but don’t know how to get it into the right hands? Writers and filmmakers always face the challenge of having less than 60 seconds to convince powerful people to look at their work. During this hands-on workshop, producer Anne Marie Gillen will show you how to convince them to read your material.


Anne Marie Gillen is the consummate Coach-Sultant! A couple of years ago I decided to make a movie. I spent many months trying to assemble “best practices” for producing a film. Then I found Anne Marie who had them all in one place. She taught me things I didn’t know I needed to know. And, she pointed me to the “resources” I’d need to accomplish my goals. Give yourself the best chance of realizing your goals. Connect with Anne Marie and the Gillen Group. They’re all about “Fusing Business and Creativity”. Can’t top that. Anne Marie has actually done the things she teaches! Let her make your life easier.

~ Rebecca Dunbar, Writer/Producer


In an industry known for hype and flash over substance, Anne Marie provides real-world, actionable steps to help the filmmaker with what is usually most elusive – the business plan and associated practicalities necessary to realize one’s vision. While it’s nice having dreams, Anne Marie works to make them happen for you.

~ Anthony Cistaro


I took Anne Marie Gillen’s ‘Business Plan Breakthrough’ seminar and absolutely loved it I believe that it is the best deal in town. Anne Marie’s all encompassing knowledge of the business is remarkable. Her willingness to share her 20 years worth of experience with us and help us streamline our personal goals was what made this course work. If you’re serious about making films, this is the first logical step to take.

~ Jody Mortara, Managing Partner, Amalfi Coast Productions, LLC


I wanted to say Thank-You, for your wonderful “Finance And Sell Your Film In The Digital Age” webinar! I thought it very thorough, and a great deal of needed information was presented! I very much liked the ability to also go back and listen to, and download shares and other information from the webinar. The amount of information was so much to absorb, that being able to go back and listen again is much appreciated. You are a talented Producer. I hope to be able to attend your future webinar courses.

~ Tamara Duquette


I wanted to thank you again for the class you taught with Next Films on February 16, 2013, “How to finance and distribute your film.”  What you taught in that class gave me a sense of the scope of the industry – which in turn has actually given me peace while I learn to navigate it.  As a new producer, transitioning from corporate Operations and Project Management work, you gave me the tools I needed to make the transition.

~ Beth Vickers, Where Art Meets Theology

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