Gillen Group and its partner RipMedia Group assists Producers in developing and executing marketing strategies that provide their target audiences social and viral media impressions on several fronts simultaneously.  The objective is to reach any demo multiple times through any given day, building fan base and future sales.


Small indie film and niche distribution companies were first to embrace social media marketing strategies out of budget restriction necessity.  Artisan’s release of The Blair Witch Project is a good early example of this.  Even studios, which still rely on millions of dollars in ad campaigns to open a mainstream movie in the U.S., have a keen-edged Internet social marketing campaign for every picture.


Based on extensive research by RIP Media and Forrester Research since 2007 – advertising, viewers and revenue are changing to become primarily viral word of mouth, which tend to drive audiences stronger than traditional paid advertising.  Audiences are keen to see pictures their opinion-leading peers recommend more than just those advertised.  Filmmakers are beginning to realize that access to the super-fan is suddenly both very necessary and economically available.




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