Balanced Producer

Balanced Producer’s mission is to empower our clients with the tools, knowledge and passion to achieve their entertainment goals. A BalancedProducer is a Filmmaker that strives to fulfill the following Attributes:

• Returns a profit to Investor(s) and the Company

• Creates projects with commercial appeal and intent to a target audience.
• Secures domestic and/or foreign distribution commitments in advance of principal photography.

• Defines and lives a passionate vision for career and each project

If you are ready, willing and able to embrace the Balanced Producer Attributes, contact Anne Marie Gillen directly to find out more about the following tools:

• Creating Your Own Vision Statement

• 7 Principals of the Most Successful Producers

• Developing Your Management/Advisory Team

• Packaging Your Project: Working with a Casting Director

• Production Financing Worksheet

• Business Plans

• Look-Book

• Trailers & Ripamatics

• Co-Production Partners List

• Business Plan or Script Review & Assessment

• 6 Months of COACH-SULANT™ sessions with Anne Marie Gillen