The Gillen Group advices independent producers on how to be a Balanced Producer – giving equal weight to Creative – Audience – Profits. In addition to advising on business plans, financing, sales and marketing, Gillen Group assists in DIY distribution techniques—including theatrical service or four-wall deals, hybrid direct to consumer DVD strategies (mixing retail and direct sales online), and VOD aggregators.

A sampling of our most popular products include:

· Planning and Authoring of Single & Multiple Motion Picture Development and/or Production Company Business Plans.

This includes the planning and preparation of the company’s activity and cash flow projections; origination and authoring of the development and/or production company’s plan and vision; preparation of company history and management biographies. It can also include the financial projections, assumptions, timing and comparable pictures.

· Motion Picture Internal Greenlight Analysis

This constitutes each picture’s crucial information upon which distributors principally base their decisions relative to distribution and related licensing. It includes a breakdown of comparable pictures and their campaigns and global earnings, the picture’s estimated global gross earnings, the producer’s share of these earnings and its relationship to the picture’s budget, plus other relative business and creative data. Typically 3 scenario waterfalls are created outlining the potential return of investment to the investors and producers.

· Initial Script or Business Plan Review: Creative and Business Consultation.

This is the script or Business Plan’s first read in its current form, followed by a client and consultant in-person or phone conference to analyze the structure, story, character arc, dialogue, marketability, distribution venues, financing and  co-production partner options.

· Budgets & Schedules

This is a detailed breakdown of your screenplay into an industry-standard schedule, budget and top sheet inclusive of tax incentives and rebates. It is prepared by a veteran line producer/UPM with 25 years experience.



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