What’s on Your Mind!

What’s on Your Mind

Recently read an LA Times Op-Ed about the Zuckerberg Revolution.  America’s favorite boy genius has announced a new form of messaging – a social inbox.  As Neal Gabler the author states:  “It qualifies as a revolution because how we communicate largely defines what we communicate.  You know ‘The medium is the message.’”  Gabler believes that Zuckerman’s Revolution may change our consciousness – the more we text and Twitter and “friend”, the less likely we are to have the means of expressing ourselves in interesting and complex ways.  In other words, empty communications drive out significant ones.

OK readers, would you agree with this hypothesis?  Are we who are embracing all these new models of instant, shortened communication turning into mindless, empty communicators?  Are we becoming unable to formulate and debate complex questions and issues?  And if so, how will this transfer into our industry?  Will film become even less intellectually involving and less complex with the issues and stories we decide to tell?

Is this a Revolution you are excited about?  Don’t hold back – let me know your thoughts – short or not…

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