December 5, 2010

Roadmap for the Balanced Producer

Just read a quote from Jillette Penn, of Penn & Teller fame, which perfectly exemplified my theories for the Balanced Producer:

“Everything we do is for ourselves and for the audience.  Anybody who does [only] one of those things sucks!  People who pander to the audience are horrible, and people who just do it for themselves you never hear about.  So it’s not either/or – you have to 100% satisfy yourselves and 100% satisfy the audience and there’s no room whatsoever for compromise.”

If we as filmmakers can make a film that we are 100% passionate about, and do all the research and analysis to know our target audience and pre-test that audience with distributors, then we have a great shot at satisfying that audience 100% as well.

Without this kind of balanced approach, without taking the effort and time to analysis our marketing potential and have those early conversations with distributors, we will be as Penn so aptly stated – Suckers!

 So let’s not compromise.  Let’s be fiduciaries to our investors, our audience and ourselves.

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